EXOS One Marketplace®: Asset decisioning for informed portfolio management

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EXOS One MarketplaceEasy, efficient, transparent asset decisioning

Determining an asset’s optimal disposition path no longer needs to be complex and time-consuming. ServiceLink’s EXOS One Marketplace brings the information you need together under one platform and provides at-a-glance visibility into your entire default portfolio. This digital asset decisioning tool enables you to use predictive modeling to play out potential scenarios so you can make well-informed decisions to minimize your losses and maximize your returns.

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Optimize your asset decisioning processes

EXOS One Marketplace blends machine learning, personalized performance dashboards and workflow management to help servicers and investors:

  • Manage timelines, HUD deadlines and project costs for FHA, USDA, VA and private book loans
  • Leverage relevant data and analytics to make informed asset decisions
  • Compare and evaluate asset management options and, in the event of an audit, justify decisions
  • Adjust disposition paths as market conditions evolve
  • Reduce costs, risk and cycle times
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Benefit from unprecedented transparency and insight

The EXOS One Marketplace dashboard is customizable to your needs and business objectives. It provides visibility into each asset throughout its lifecycle and enables you to take all relevant information into account as you make decisions as to how you can minimize losses on the property throughout the various stages of asset management. For example, you may want to consider how much money you have already put into the property, what deadlines have passed or are pending, what you can expect in terms of future expenditures, etc.

Understanding the potential costs of taking one disposition path versus another is a critical aspect of asset decisioning. EXOS One Marketplace applies machine learning and data analytics to loss modeling and property preservation cost projections to create a clear picture of the outcomes you might expect in response to various actions — or inaction. EXOS One Marketplace drills down to the ZIP code level to factor in property values and repair costs to accurately project how much it would cost to sell an asset today versus rehabbing and selling several months from now. EXOS One Marketplace can also provide time estimates for foreclosure and eviction in the state and generate best- and worst-case scenarios: What happens if the homeowner moves out in 30 days? 60 days?

Choose custom components that support your business strategy

The EXOS One Marketplace platform includes a comprehensive suite of services to support your efforts throughout the entire default life cycle:

Default title

Title issues can cause needless delays in the disposition process, potentially resulting in lost opportunity, added carrying costs, higher UPB, reputational risk and reduced margins. ServiceLink provides end-to-end title services, including early visibility of title grading, monitoring and tracking, to ensure timely initiation and resolution of title issues.

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Field services

ServiceLink’s full range of inspection, property preservation and REO services support servicers and investors from default through disposition. Our field services team partners with ServiceLink Title and Auction to provide you with visibility into conveyance condition, preservation costs and timelines.


Accurate, timely valuations are essential to prudent asset management and decisioning. The expertise of ServiceLink’s dedicated national appraiser panel, combined with our powerful technology and analytics, ensures that you have the up-to-date information you need at any stage in the asset decisioning process.

Asset management

EXOS One Marketplace integrates with ServiceLink’s REO asset management platform to centralize and streamline the management and disposition of properties.


Benefit from a consolidated view of auction performance, modeled contribution guidance and property details related to foreclosed, bank-owned, short-sale and newly foreclosed properties. The nationwide auction and marketing services of ServiceLink Auction leverage insights from the EXOS One Marketplace ecosystem to drive sales performance and maximize returns.

Loss analysis

Understanding what you have to lose by holding a property is critical to your disposition strategy. EXOS One Marketplace provides robust data and analytics to track, monitor and project potential losses based on a variety of scenarios.

Default services backed by decades of mortgage servicing experience

As a national leader in mortgage products and services, ServiceLink has a long, successful track record of supporting servicers and investors in the default and portfolio management space. We built EXOS One Marketplace based on deep market insight and partnership with those who make portfolio and asset management decisions every day.

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