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Connecting real estate investors with the title, closing, valuation, auction and real estate investment solutions they need to finance, buy, sell and evaluate residential mortgage loans and issue mortgage-backed securities

ServiceLink provides investors, investment banks, and hedge funds with a complete suite of real estate investment software and services to meet their due diligence, lending and portfolio management needs. No matter the makeup of your portfolio – non-performing or performing loans – or the participants in your transaction, our industry-leading valuation products, superior title technology and advanced portfolio management platform will support your investment buying, selling and risk management needs.

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Collateral valuation

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Centralized title and closing services

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Decision making and disposition strategy

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Auction services

Collateral valuation services

Backed by decades of industry knowledge, ServiceLink valuation residential property solutions and real estate investment services dramatically reduce cycle times while ensuring the highest quality and regulatory compliance available. Our experienced, dedicated capital markets team understands the urgency of each transaction and the importance of investment risk management, ensuring proactive communication and timely delivery of completed order results.

Desktop valuation – AKA Hybrid Appraisals

ServiceLink offers a suite of proprietary appraisal products that includes both interior and exterior hybrid appraisal products, desktop appraisals, and desk review products. We have been providing proprietary appraisal products to lenders, servicers and investors for more than over a decade. Our proprietary appraisal products are completed by a team of licensed and certified staff appraisers with years of residential appraisal experience, strategically located in major metropolitan areas nationwide.

Automated valuation

ServiceLink offers a wide range of automated valuation products. Our suite of AVMs are specifically selected so that various models are available in each geographic market – ensuring access to a wide range of the best possible models for a given market. Our AVM products combine accuracy, quality, property record detail, speed, hit rate and cost-efficiency.

Broker price opinion (BPOs)

Our interior and exterior BPOs are completed by experienced real estate professionals with local market knowledge. They combine strong national coverage and turn times, flexibility and a personalized customer experience. Our efficient bulk order system and tech-enabled workflows ensure we can streamline your investment transactions.

Traditional appraisals

ServiceLink offers lenders a nationwide suite of home valuation solutions with the industry’s largest and most knowledgeable appraiser network.

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Centralized title and closing services

When you work with ServiceLink, you have access to comprehensive transaction services that ensure you receive quality, transparent and timely services by our dedicated industry experts. Our centralized title team means your transactions will never be down-lined and handed off to another title office. We have in-house access to underwriters for accelerated decision – giving us the ability to make business-based title underwriting decisions. Our bulk policy and closings offer significant savings. Our national title platform includes title policy research and policy issuance, nationwide title searches, title curative, title grading, owner’s and lender’s policies, collateral document preparation and closing.

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Decision making, investment risk management and disposition strategy

EXOS One Marketplace™

Maximize your decision-making power and minimize losses with ServiceLink’s EXOS One Marketplace™. Leveraging the power of ServiceLink’s EXOS technology platform, EXOS One Marketplace™ delivers unprecedented visibility of assets throughout the entire lifecycle. With a proprietary blend of artificial intelligence, machine learning, personalized performance dashboards and workflow management, EXOS One Marketplace™ delivers ease, efficiency and increased servicer & investor default servicing performance.

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ServiceLink process solutions

ServiceLink's process solutions help servicers and attorneys managing default portfolios with an array of analytical tools, outsource and support services, including advance reconciliation and loss analysis.

ServiceLink Auction

Trust our several decades of experience in foreclosure, newly foreclosed, bank-owned, and short sale auction services for disposition of properties in investor portfolios. Machine learning algorithms, predictive modeling and lead matching based on customer behavior help you reach individual goals and objectives. Customer-centric and geo-based marketing promotional campaigns, ad placements in targeted digital, social and syndication channels led by an experienced team assist in accelerated sale and closing turn times.

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In this article, members of the ServiceLink team discuss how real investment software and services can help with nonperforming loan portfolio management.

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