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At ServiceLink, we’re committed to getting you and your borrowers to the closing table quickly – and providing a positive experience along the way. Our team of dedicated, experienced closing professionals uses industry-leading digital closing technology to infuse automation throughout the closing process, ultimately helping you scale as the market shifts and increasing borrower loyalty.

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Combining closing technology and leading signing agent panel

At ServiceLink, our proven closing teams and signing agent network combine their industry expertise with our EXOS® Close digital closing technology to provide the optimal borrower experience. Our national panel of more than 12,000 experienced signing agents ensures that we have the team in place to get loans to the closing table, even during periods of high volume and critical times like month’s end. Thanks to our mobile notaries, we can conduct a signing at any place, any time. We also have relationships with attorneys in states where required.

Digital closing technology for increased borrower confidence

According to recent survey data, 83% of consumers would be likely to self-schedule their closing appointment if that option was available to them. With ServiceLink, you can provide that option, for more satisfied borrowers and more efficient origination. ServiceLink’s closing technology platform, EXOS Close, is an easy-to-use digital experience that enables your borrowers to schedule their closing for the exact date, time and location of their choice. EXOS Close provides real-time access to local signing agents’ digital calendars. Borrowers, closers or processors simply select the exact date, time and location convenient for them and instantly receive their signing agent’s information, including their name, contact information, photo and make and model of their vehicle. The experience mirrors ride-sharing platforms that today’s borrowers are accustomed to.

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What our clients are saying

Closing technology leads to streamlined origination

Lenders using EXOS Close have reduced their closing timeline by days. By accessing signing agents’ digital calendars, our closing process prevents bottlenecks created by scheduling without confirmation of local agents’ availability – removing friction from the closing process. Additionally, the instant digital scheduling process eliminates back-and-forth and delays associated with coordinating the signing.

When consumers schedule their own closings:

  • 90% of orders were scheduled within 4 minutes of order placements
  • 95% of orders were scheduled within 7.1 minutes of order placements
  • Lenders experience a nearly 100% reduction in reschedules

Offering transparency throughout the closing process

Our dedicated client service teams offer closing readiness reporting, working directly with our clients to move loans through their pipeline. As the closing progresses, lenders will receive notification that the signing was scheduled, confirmation that the signing was completed, post-closing confirmation of critical document upload, loan disbursement confirmation and confirmation of the completed recording. Instant updates on these critical milestones ensure you and your borrowers always know the status of their closing.

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Customizable closing technology

With EXOS Close, lenders can also schedule the closing appointment on behalf of their borrower – moving seamlessly from their dashboard to the digital scheduling platform. Scheduling functionality is also available for real estate agents, loan officers and processors. Lenders can configure the date range for the scheduling window, private label the scheduling experience to enhance brand loyalty, and customize notifications to guide consumers through the closing process.

Supporting virtual closing options

Our EXOS Close closing technology also supports virtual closing options in all 50 states. It accelerates remote online notarization (RON), remote ink-signed notarization (RIN), in-person electronic notarization (IPEN), hybrid closings and virtual closings enabled by limited powers of attorney and can integrate into any virtual closing platform.

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EXOS Title
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Combining closing technology and instant title

Lenders can now combine our closing technology with our proven instant title solution. ServiceLink’s EXOS® Title delivers clear-to-close title in seconds, then immediately allows lenders and borrowers to digitally schedule their closing appointment. The end result? A faster path to the closing table.

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