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ServiceLink delivers everything you need in a property valuations services partner: a deep bench of talent, risk and compliance expertise, an unwavering commitment to client service, and proprietary EXOS® technology that streamlines processes, elevates the customer experience and prepares you for what’s next. Whether for purchase, refinance or home equity, EXOS® Valuations increases efficiencies in every step of the process.

Connect with our extraordinary lender valuation services teams who provide customer service and customization

Working with ServiceLink, you have access to the industry’s largest and most knowledgeable appraiser network, an expert compliance team, a dedicated customer service team and the ServiceLink valuations management team, who average 20+ years of industry experience. Read about the benefits of using an AMC for your lender valuation services.

ServiceLink appraiser network

The depth of experience, knowledge of local markets, and expertise in specific property types and value ranges held by the members of the ServiceLink appraisal panel are unmatched. We set the bar high, upholding the most stringent standards for appraiser background checks, verifying E&O coverage, strictly adhering to C&R fee regulations and continually monitoring appraiser performance.

ServiceLink Valuations compliance team

Constantly keeping tabs on evolving statutes, regulations and industry standards, ServiceLink’s lender valuation services compliance team is backed by legal, risk and audit teams. We work closely with GSEs and regulatory bodies to ensure our processes are accepted nationally, and our teams are poised to respond quickly to regulatory changes and new lender-driven requirements, policies and procedures.

Your dedicated customer service team

At ServiceLink, your dedicated point person and customer service team commit to understanding your business, workflows, customers and specialized requirements. We are accessible and responsive, and provide consistency of service no matter where your properties may be located. We know that every order matters and deserves the same high level of care.

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Choose from a suite of flexible property valuations services

Continual reinvestment in the development of new products, innovative technology and robust infrastructure ensures you have access to the ideal appraisal solution. ServiceLink offers:

  • Traditional Appraisals
  • Hybrid Valuations
  • Property Condition Reports
  • Appraisal Evaluations
  • Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)
  • Disaster Inspections
  • Desktop Appraisals
  • Automated Valuations (AVMs)
  • Homebuilding Appraisal Program
  • Data Collection Solutions
ServiceLink appraiser inspecting a home to determine true real estate value

Preparing you for what's next in valuations

EXOS® Valuations is among the ServiceLink appraisal tools that can help drive your business forward. This industry-leading technology can build new efficiencies into your processes, improve the borrower experience and help you stay a step ahead of the industry’s appraisal modernization trends.

Real-time appraisal scheduling with EXOS Valuations

No more phone tag or delays: The borrower selects an appointment date and time, and receives instant confirmation, including the appraiser’s name, contact information, photo, and car make and model. Reductions in appointment confirmation and completion times have helped lenders using EXOS Valuations cut turn time in half when compared with traditional methods.

Lender valuations scheduling feature displayed on a mobile device

Create an exceptional borrower experience

Satisfying the needs and preferences of borrowers today requires tech-enabled mortgage services that go beyond mobile and online application to include digitized appraisal, as well as title and closing services. ServiceLink lender valuation services can help you earn the business, trust and loyalty of borrowers by offering a faster, easier, more transparent homebuying experience. Consumers who rated EXOS Valuations in a recent pilot awarded it just under five stars on average, praising its speed, transparency and ease of use.

Demand stability, scalability and a track record of excellence

ServiceLink is an established property valuation services leader — an appraisal management company with the stability to weather market and financial challenges of any kind, and scalability to meet your changing needs. We stand behind our work and support our clients with experience, expertise and commitment.

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