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Tech-enabled valuation services supported by expertise and analytics

Accurate, timely valuation are vital to the decisions you make about the properties in your portfolio, or that you’re managing. ServiceLink provides the resources you need: experienced appraisers; technology, processes and analytics adaptable to your specifications. And our customer service team is committed to your success. As a leader in mortgage servicing solutions, ServiceLink can help you manage risk and comply with evolving regulations as you limit costs and holding times.

A complete suite of servicing valuation products and services

As your servicing valuation needs vary over time, ServiceLink can provide the support you need through our full suite of products and services. We also recognize that your business is unique: Our mortgage servicing solutions are configurable to your workflow, priorities and concerns, and our quality control processes -- including both manual and automated reviews -- are built around your quality checklists in addition to ServiceLink best practices.

  • Broker price opinions (BPOs)
  • Traditional appraisals/AMC services
  • Property condition reports (PCRs)
  • Alternative valuation
    • Desktop valuation (DV)
      • Desktop valuation with inspection (DVI)
      • Desktop valuation with interior inspection (DVII)
      • Tie-out reconciliation
      • Desktop reconciliation
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Broker price opinions (BPOs)

ServiceLink works with highly experienced real estate professionals who know what’s happening in the marketplace to provide you with quick-turn BPOs that support your servicing valuation needs. After conducting a drive-by inspection of the subject property, the agent or broker provides an opinion that includes both a quick-sale price and an as-is suggested list price, along with photos of the subject property and comparable properties.

Traditional appraisals (AMC services)

As one of the nation’s leading appraisal management companies (AMCs), ServiceLink provides access to a nationwide network of appraisers with deep experience in conducting traditional appraisals. Our comprehensive appraisal reports detail the property’s quality, condition and surrounding market conditions, based on personal on-site inspections. The quality of our appraiser panel is exceptional. We uphold stringent standards for background checks, verify that appraisers have adequate errors and omissions (E&O) coverage, strictly adhere to customary and reasonable (C&R) fee regulations, and continually monitor their performance.

Property condition reports (PCRs)

Having a clear view of the condition of each property is critical to your portfolio management decisions. ServiceLink provides you with PCRs that address your specific concerns as well as ServiceLink’s established standards. Features of each PCR include:

  • A visual inspection of the subject property and neighborhood by a local real estate agent or broker.
  • A detailed assessment of the property’s condition, including any natural disaster damages.
  • Characteristics of the neighborhood and other nearby structures affecting property value.
  • Photos of the property, including deferred maintenance items and repairs.

Alternative servicing valuation

When speed is a priority, ServiceLink offers a variety of alternative servicing valuation solutions that can be faster than traditional appraisals or even BPOs:

  • Automated valuation models (AVMs) rely on statistical modeling and existing databases. They are a good starting point to help you quickly estimate value and assess risk across your holdings.
  • Desktop appraisals are completed by appraisers without a physical property inspection. They use MLS data and public records to arrive at a property value.
  • Hybrid valuation add a third-party on-site inspection to a desktop appraisal, offering a better sense of the condition of the property and neighborhood.

Our desktop valuation with inspection (DVI) product includes:

  • Independent opinion of value generated by a state-licensed or certified appraiser
  • USPAP-compliant valuation report format
  • Inter-Agency Guidelines (IAG) compliance for both evaluations and appraisals

Manage your default portfolio with EXOS One Marketplace®

Access ServiceLink’s servicing valuation solutions and asset decisioning tools through our proprietary EXOS One Marketplace technology. EXOS One Marketplace blends machine learning, personalized performance dashboards and workflow management to help you manage timelines and project costs, leverage data and analytics, and use predictive modeling to compare and adjust disposition paths as market conditions evolve.

The EXOS One Marketplace platform includes a comprehensive suite of services for the entire default life cycle: loss modeling, property preservation, valuation, foreclosure title, CWCOT and post-sale title.

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Why use ServiceLink for servicing valuation?

ServiceLink is committed to providing the industry’s best servicing valuation solutions. We do that by developing and implementing the latest technology to meet each client’s unique needs and providing service unmatched in the industry.

  • Valuation experience, expertise and stability – ServiceLink brings decades of experience, exceptional expertise and an enviable track record to our servicing valuation solutions.
  • Industry-leading mortgage technology – ServiceLink’s EXOS® technology provides end-to-end mortgage servicing solutions.
  • Agility – As evolving regulations continually transform the mortgage landscape, you need a servicing valuation partner that is nimble and responsive. ServiceLink is always poised to adapt our technology and processes to ensure you remain compliant.
  • Unparalleled customer service – Our dedicated team of skilled experts will learn your workflow and rules to manage the valuation process proficiently from order placement through delivery.

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